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Mercedes was born in Jalisco. Mexico. and lived there until emigrating to the United States in 1965. She came to the united States, the and of plenty. to try to succeed with the opportunities provided here Marlin ten years she was Irving n the Ozarks, and in 1975 she opened El Imperial.

"El Imperial" means majestic or outstanding. When Mercedes created the menu, she guaranteed everything was "fit for a king" by making sure her menu items were homemade and prepared daily visit only the finest ingredients. Her staff ensures that your meal is a pleasure by being served hot and fresh with the best service available.

Mercedes raised three children, who all work or have worked in the restaurant Her oldest son. Carlos, proudly served as an Army Ranger in Operation Desert Storm and helped manage El Imperial for several years.

Dolores is Mercedes' only daughter and middle child Delores' work at El Imperial started a growing love for the restaurant void that continues today.

Mercedes' youngest son, Juan, has also been a fixture at El Imperial since his earliest days. Juan's photos can be seen on the wall behind the register. These photos are a testimony of his exceptional athletic ability and Strength. a strength he now brings to the world of hospitality.

Mercedes has six grandchildren: Christopher. Jacob. Levi. Quinton. Kaifie and Brodie. Mercedes is proud of each of them and they can all be seen from time to time working in El Impenal and continuing the proud family tradition Mercedes Started many years ago.

Due to her confident initiative and hard work, Mercedes has been able to achieve her dream, a dream of a wonderful restaurant that people come to from far and near to enjoy the tradition of authentic Mexican food served with pride and passion.

Mercedes and her family welcome you and hope you come back soon. 
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